Our Story
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Our Story

American Outpost fabricates custom made furniture from reclaimed materials salvaged from a variety of places like: old barns, buildings, airplanes, boats and other sources.

At American Outpost we are integrating our efforts of sustainability into our culture, at all levels. At every stage of a project’s life, from conceptualization, sourcing and manufacturing to reclamation of resources at the end of life we bring our culture of sustainability to everything we do.  We demonstrate our commitment to the environment by using reclaimed resources and sustainable processes to make products that last.

Our creations are designed and hand made in our shop in Georgia. Our shop consists of a wood shop, a metal fabrication and welding shop and our finishing area. Our craftsman build grass roots, custom craftsmanship, heirloom pieces. these pieces are made from reclaimed materials by artisans in America, not factories in China and each piece is custom crafted – no two are alike.

Reclaimed wood has a history of its own. Old growth 100 – 300 year old trees felled in early 1900s, aged with time and use.  Each piece is carefully restored to preserve it’s unique features and patina.  Most old growth wood no longer exists and sadly is a dwindling resource.