Reclaimed Wood Sources
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Reclaimed Wood Sources

Reclaimed Oak and Maple from the Northeast

This wood consists of reclaimed Oak, Maple and some other hardwoods and softwoods  as well as rough cut timber and beams sourced from 100 year old city homes in Baltimore Md. Here are some great  projects made from this reclaimed wood.

Georgia Heart Pine

This material has been reclaimed from a 150 year old barn in Middle Georgia. American Outpost field crews tore down this barn, cleaned the lot and transported it to our yard. Georgia Heart Pine is a hard wood with rich deep reds and dark hues.

Georgia Hardwoods Reclaimed Logs

This wood has been hand salvaged and cut in a portable sawmill by American Outpost field crews. These logs are mainly 100 – 300 year old Oak, Georgia Pine, Maple and other varieties. the rough cut timber is then kiln dried and moved to our yard for storage as it waits to be formed into something amazing.

Barn Wood from Upstate New York

This Barn wood has been hand picked, salvaged and transported by American Outpost field crews. the lot consists of various hardwood and softwood beams, planks and timbers. Great for Farm Tables and country style furniture.

Pallet Wood

This wood is totally sourced from pallets. These are mostly hardwoods. They are 100% safe heat treated pallets. Never treated with any chemicals. They are a mix of exotic hardwoods and can make some amazing furniture. Here are some of our pallet creations.