Edison Collection
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Edison Collection


Our Edison Series line of office furnishings offers a fully custom handcrafted reclaimed collection at a entry level costs that offers a consistent look and feel that is unlike any mass produced product on the market today.


Conference Tables

Our Signature Conference Table is an amazing place to close those big deals, meet with your team and stigmatize on the future of your business. Each table is crafted from solid oak and reclaimed barn wood. An entry level custom handcrafted tale that is unmatched.

Desks & Workstations

Each piece can be customized with the size and features you need and then handcrafted by our craftsman to offer your team a work space that is inviting and conducive to a creative and productive space to work.

Benches & Tables

In addition to desks and workstations we can extend the look and feel into your lobby and waiting areas. We continue to add new pieces to compliment your offices and conferences rooms. Add a bench, table or accent piece to keep the look and feel flowing throughout your entire office.

Credenzas & Side Tables

Every conference room needs a credenza, side table or bookcase. Keep the look and feel flowing with a custom accent piece for your conference room.